Heating Installation in Charlotte NC

When the time comes for you to seek out heating installation in Charlotte, we cannot stress enough the importance of working with an actual expert heating contractor who ensures that the job gets done right the first time. Our technicians have seen first hand the effects and impacts of contractors that improperly install heating systems. It’s not a pretty sight, and it always ends up costing the homeowner! When you work with One Hour Heating and Air Conditioning, you don’t have to worry about this frustrating situation happening to you and your family. We are available to help make sure your home’s heat keeps warming your home during the coldest nights Charlotte has to offer.


Proper Heating Installation in Charlotte

There’s no such thing as “secrets” with our team. Please find a list of elements that go into correct heating installation below:

Duct Sealing

Do you know if your home is leaking air? Let us take a closer look for you, because it is of critical importance that your ducts are not damaged when the time comes for your actual heating installation. In the event your ducts are damaged, then regardless of a new heating system, your home will still be wasting large amounts of both energy and money.


Not too big, not too small, but just right. When it comes to heating systems, bigger does not always mean better. If your system is too large for your home’s space, it will cycle on and off too frequently, ultimately shortening it’s lifespan. In addition, it will cause a spike in your monthly heating bills!

Excellent Airflow

Our installers take the time to carefully analyze your home’s airflow before making any mention of what system you need.

The Importance of Expert Heating Installation in Charlotte

Let’s face the facts – if you have someone inexperienced install your heating system it’s likely that it will perform inefficiently. From years of providing premier heating installation and repair services, we know that a system that’s not working properly ultimately means it’s wasting a large amount of energy which results in wasted money to you, the homeowner. Don’t put such an important responsibility in inexperienced hands. Call the experts at One Hour Heating and Air Conditioning today!

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